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My Generation Checking

Want an account that works harder for you without monthly fees? Meet four simple requirements to earn a special, high dividend rate and skip ATM fees.

  • Open with $25 minimum deposit
  • 0.20% APY with dividends paid monthly
  • No minimum balance or monthly fees
  • Debit card and access to online Bill Pay
  • Funds federally insured up to $250,000

Note: If account requirements are not met, ATM fees are not refunded and dividend rate is reduced. For more options, see all checking.


Easy Monthly Requirements

With My Generation Checking, meet four monthly requirements to earn a special, high dividend rate and get your ATM fees reimbursed. Each month, you must:

  1. Receive Online Statements
  2. Access Credit Human Online banking or GO Mobile app at least once during your monthly statement cycle
  3. Have at least 12 debit card transactions post and clear (excluding ATM transactions)
  4. Have one direct deposit or ACH auto debit post and clear

ATM transaction fees will be automatically refunded, up to $25, during each monthly qualification cycle when the requirements are met. Even if requirements are not met, there is never a minimum balance or monthly service fee with My Generation Checking — and you still earn dividends at the Credit Human base checking rate.

Special Dividend Rate

Your My Generation Checking earns a high Annual Percentage Yield (APY) interest rate on balances of up to $25,000. If your balance exceeds $25,000 and account requirements are met, an alternate APY will be paid on the balance exceeding $25,000. If account requirements are not met for the monthly qualification cycle, a dividend equal to the Credit Human base checking rate (currently 0.00%) will be paid on all balances.

Note: Dividends are calculated using the daily balance method and paid on all balances. The rate is variable, and may change at any time after the account is opened. Fees could reduce dividend earnings.


Easy Access

Free online and mobile banking provides you easy access to manage your money.  No matter the device, you have the ability to access your account, pay bills, budget, make deposits and transfer money.  Conveniently view your statements at any time online within online banking.
Free Direct Deposit electronically deposits your recurring income into your My Generation Checking account, which means your deposits are made automatically without having to visit a branch. In addition to saving time, your funds will be available the same day and you don’t have to worry about your checks being lost or stolen. Direct Deposit is the most convenient and secure way to deposit your money.

A Debit Card Designed For You

Choose from a Credit Human, Spurs or UTSA Rewards Debit Card design – all exclusively from Credit Human. Access funds at ATMs, including Credit Human ATMs in the San Antonio and Houston areas, and make purchases anywhere you see the Mastercard® logo.

Use your Credit Human debit card with your digital wallet at participating retailers.  Just add your  debit card to Apple Pay, Samsung Pay or Android Pay and complete transactions right from your mobile device.  Plus with Card Control you can turn your debit card on and off, set alert preferences and more - all from your mobile phone with the mobile banking app.

You'll earn rewards with every purchase with the Credit Human debit card rewards program, with no annual fees. Simply choose the Credit option when using your card and you'll earn rewards at a rate of one point for every $2 you spend. Track points and redeem them for things like airline tickets, travel packages and merchandise by visiting

Note: San Antonio Spurs and UTSA debit cards are available at any Credit Human branch location.

Online Bill Pay for Added Convenience

Tired of writing checks? We thought so. With My Generation Checking, opt to pay bills quickly and securely with online bill pay. You decide whom, when, and how often to pay. Set up one-time or recurring payments — cancel or change payments anytime before the processing date.

Bonus: Sign up for online banking and get a range of great ways to manage your My Generation Checking and other Credit Human accounts.

Your Insured Funds

As a Credit Human member, your deposits — checking, savings, certificates, and IRAs — are federally insured up to $250,000 by National Credit Union Administration (NCUA). Similar to deposit insurance coverage offered by the FDIC for banks, the NCUA operates the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund (NCUSIF) to protect accounts at federally insured credit unions.

More Details:  Account type and ownership factor into coverage amounts. Read up on NCUA Share Insurance (PDF) to maximize your coverage, estimate your coverage online, or call our Member Service Center at (210) 258-1234 or toll free at 800-688-7228 for further information on your insured funds.

Join Credit Human and Become a Member Today

Free Checking

It’s everything you need without monthly fees. Get the convenience of a full-service checking account with no minimum balance requirement.

Dividend Checking

Dividend Checking allows you to earn dividends on your balance while saving on fees and enjoying all the conveniences that come with all of our checking accounts.

My Generation Checking Rates

Account BalanceDividend RateAnnual Percentage Yield
$0.00 - $24,999.990.20%0.20%
$25,000.00 and up0.10%0.10%

Rates are effective as of March 16, 2018

The variable rate may change after the account is opened. Fees could reduce the earnings on these accounts.

Balance tier determines daily dividend rate and annual percentage yield on the daily account balance.

Your Credit Human investments are insured up to at least $250,000 by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA), as a U.S. Government Agency. In addition, your Credit Human IRA investments are insured, separately, up to $250,000 by the NCUA. Membership eligibility required. For current rates, APY, or additional information, please ask an Account Service Representative or call the Credit Human Member Service Center U.S. Toll Free at 1-800-234-7228 or in San Antonio at 210-258-1234.

Credit Human checking accounts require a minimum $25 deposit to open.

My Generation Checking is a tiered rate account. If your daily balance is $25,000 or below, and you meet all of the following minimum service requirements during your statement cycle, you will receive the Dividend Rate and APY posted for that tier. Requirements: a) you complete 12 debit card transactions (excluding transactions at ATMs); b) you have a direct deposit or ACH debit made to your My Generation Checking account; c) you access Online Banking once during the statement cycle; and d) you receive an e-Statement.

If your balance is greater than $25,000 and you meet all of the minimum service requirements listed above per cycle, you will receive the Dividend Rate and APY posted for that tier.

If you fail to meet any of the minimum service requirements during a statement cycle, the Dividend Rate and APY listed in the third tier will apply for All Balances in the account for that cycle.