Card Control

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Card Control empowers you to manage your debit and credit card from the mobile app and online banking.

Manage Your Cards. Anytime. Anywhere.

Lock or Unlock Your Card Instantly

If you misplace your card, temporarily lock it to help secure your account and prevent unauthorized transactions. In Card Control, select Lock or Unlock My Card and choose the card to lock. The indicator will turn red when your card has been locked. Simply repeat these steps to unlock your card.

Replace Your Card

There is no need to come in or call when you need to replace a lost or damaged card. In Card Control, select Replace My Card and choose the card to replace. Once your request has been submitted your current card will be deactivated immediately and a new card with a new number will be ordered. Replacing a damaged or misplaced card has never been easier.

Submit a Travel Notice for Your Card

If you are planning a trip, let us know when and where you plan to use your card. In Card Control, select Submit Travel Notice and enter your travel dates and destination.

Adjust Your ATM Withdrawal Limit for Your Debit Card

Need an extra layer of security? Adjust your daily maximum ATM withdrawal limit for your debit card. In Card Control, select Adjust your ATM Withdrawal Amount and set your limit between $20 - $1,000. Note: This feature is not available for credit cards.

Add Alerts to Stay On Top of Your Card Activity

You can set up alerts for your debit and credit card activity and receive them by email or text.

Setting up alerts:

  1. Log in to online banking
  2. Navigate to Account Information
  3. Select Account Alerts from the drop-down menu
  4. Select Destinations tab and click on the green Add button at the top right of the section and follow the instructions
  5. Once a destination is added, go back to the Add Alerts tab, select an Alert Type from the drop-down menu and follow the instructions