Mobile and Online FAQs

Answers to your new mobile and online banking experience questions

What is Credit Human's new mobile and online experience? Visit this page to learn more about our new features and enhancements.
Why is Credit Human upgrading mobile and online banking? Members have told us they’d like a better online and mobile banking experience, and this fall we’re upgrading to be more convenient and give you more control over all your accounts.
When is the upgrade happening? The upgrade is scheduled to go live late September.
What will change with this upgrade? All members can expect a new look and features like instant account verification, enhanced SMS/Push/Email notifications and enhanced Bill Pay. Consumer members will have access to credit score monitoring and the option to pay their loan(s) with a debit card. Business members will have the ability to add sub-users such as an accountant or business partner.
Will a security code be required at every login? Security code at every login will now be optional. This upgraded technology allows you to log in quickly and securely without the need to enter a security code at every login.
*Initial log in for every device will require security code verification.
Is there anything I need to do before the upgrade goes live? Now is a great time to update your contact information. Simply visit to log in to your account and click on Settings.
Will the password requirements be the same? We’ve strengthened our login requirements to better safeguard your accounts. Alphanumeric user ID's will be required for login in place of your account number. If your current password does not meet the new password requirements, you will be prompted to update your password at your first login. To better prepare, we recommend you start using your user ID and update your password now to ensure it meets the new requirements.
  • Minimum 10 characters
  • At least one (1) uppercase letter
  • At least one (1) lowercase letter
  • At least one (1) number
  • At least one (1) special character
Will eMoney Manager still be available? We're integrating a robust set of financial health tools available right in your dashboard and will discontinue eMoney Manager. Exciting new features include Financial Health Snapshot, Spending Analysis, Spending Forecast, Savings Goals and more.
Will Text Banking and Alerts be impacted? Our mobile and online banking upgrade will include new and improved SMS/Push/Email notifications. Once the Digital Banking upgrade is live, all current Text Banking and Alerts settings will have to be reset.
Will GoDeposit still be available? We're maintaining mobile deposit but are discontinuing Desktop GoDeposit. You can continue to use the mobile deposit feature on the mobile app for your check deposit needs.
Will Quicken be impacted by this upgrade? Quicken users will have to reestablish their connection once the upgrade is live.
Is there anything I need to do before the enhanced Bill Pay service is live? As we put the finishing touches on our upgrade, Bill Pay will be unavailable between September 16, 2022, through September 19, 2022. If you need to schedule a payment or make a modification to an already scheduled payment, please be sure to do so before September 16, 2022. If you do nothing your payment will automatically be sent on September 20.
Will my payees, scheduled payments and payment history transfer over to the new Bill Pay service? Your existing payees, scheduled payments (including recurring payments), and 12 months of payment history will be available in the new Bill Pay service. While we make every effort to ensure your information transfers to the new Bill Pay service seamlessly, we recommend you verify your payee information (name, address, and account number) and your scheduled bill payments are accurate in the new service.
Will the timing of my payments change? Your payment scheduling experience will change in the enhanced Bill Pay service, giving you a better understanding of when your payments will be sent and when your payees should expect to receive payments.

When scheduling payments, you will be presented with two dates, the payment Send Date, the date you wish for the payment to be sent, and the Estimated Delivery Date, the date your payee is expected to receive the payment. The Estimated Delivery Date displayed is dependent upon the Send Date you select and the method by which the payee receives payments, by check or electronically.

Electronic payments will be deducted from your account on the Send Date. Funds must be available by 4 pm CST on the Send Date for the payment to be sent.

Check payments will be mailed to your payee on the Send Date and the payment will be deducted from your account when the payee cashes or deposits the check.

To assist you with identifying how each of your payees receive payment, payees will display either an envelope icon for check payments or a lightning bolt icon for electronic payments.