Getting started with eMoney Manager

Log into online banking and select eMoney Manager in the navigation bar. Click “Continue” on the introductory screen. 

Your dashboard will display first. From this screen you can add accounts, tag transactions and customize widgets that give you different snapshots of your finances. Use the features available to develop a savings plan and spending habits that lead to a healthy financial future.

Add an Account

Sync accounts from other financial institutions for a complete financial picture.

  1. Select "Add" above your current account listing on the left side of the screen.
  2. Select an institution or enter the name of your institution in the search field.
  3. Enter in the required information and select "Connect." You'll receive a notification on your dashboard once the account has been synced successfully.
Syncing accounts provides a comprehensive view of income and expenses.

Set Goals

Create savings goals for big expenses like paying down debt or purchasing a home.

  1. Navigate to the "Goal" tab.
  2. Select your desired pay off or savings goal.
  3. Fill in the required information.
  4. Click the "Create" button to complete the process of adding a new goal.
Track progress each month and feel the satisfaction of actively planning for life’s big events.

Create a Cashflow Calendar

See how bills stack up against income in real time.

  1. Navigate to the "Cashflow" tab.
  2. Select "Add Income" or "Add Bill" from above the calendar view.
  3. Complete the required fields (Name your bill/income, how much and often you get paid or what amount is due).
  4. Click the "Add Bill" or "Add Income" button on the bottom of the form.
With the cashflow calendar you can plan for paying bills throughout the month.

Tag Expenses

Account transactions are aggregated on your dashboard and tagged with a default category (i.e. transportation, groceries, clothing, etc.). You can customize tags to reflect how you would like to categorize expenses.

  1. Click on the transaction requiring an updated tag.
  2. Click the 'x' in the tag you wish to remove.
  3. Type the new tag and press “Save Transaction.” Optional: Select the box that allows you to apply this tag to all similar transactions.
  4. Refresh the page to apply your new rule, if needed.
Tracking expenses with default and custom tags will enable you to set up spending targets for specific categories.

Set a Spending Target

Spending targets track how much money you spend in specific categories.

  1. Click on the “Budget” tab.
  2. Select “Add A New Spending Target” on the budget dashboard.
  3. Indicate the tags or categories you would like to track (i.e., dining out, groceries, clothing, entertainment).
  4. Name the spending target (i.e. Dining out).
  5. Set your monthly limit.
  6. Click the "Add Spending Target" button to complete the process.
Setting a target will help you evaluate spending habits and adjust spending in order to meet all monthly expenses and save for goals.
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