If you’re feeling financial stress, you’re not alone.
167 million Americans feel the same way.* We’re here to help you create and maintain financial slack so you can stress less.

What is financial slack?

Financial slack is your income minus expenses. Having financial slack means you can handle paying for unexpected expenses and enjoy life without the constant stress concerning money that affects so many of us. Building financial slack reduces your financial stress and improves your financial health.



Do I need more financial slack?

Our financial health check is a quick, 2 minute quiz that will tell you just that. You will see how you are doing with your money and learn the best way for you to build slack, as well as other areas of opportunity.

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We’re committed to helping you create and maintain financial slack.

We have the expertise, tools and accounts to help you on your journey to reduce financial stress so you can worry less about what might happen and enjoy more of what is.



Financial Health Centers

At our Financial Health Centers, our Member Relationship Specialists are ready to spend time with you to learn more about your financial realities and discuss new ways to keep you on sound financial footing. They specialize in identifying where you can build slack and relieve your financial stress. Our Spending Plan Worksheet is a great tool you can download and bring with you when you meet with one of our Member Relationship Specialists.

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Spending Plan

Having a plan is the best way to get started. Our Spending Plan Worksheet ​can help you see where your money is going every month and calculate how much slack you have in order to achieve your savings goals.



Investment Center

A sound financial plan today is the key to creating opportunities for tomorrow. Credit Human can help you build slack with a customized financial strategy built around your personal goals and circumstances.​

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Additional Resources

Knowledge and skills you can use to help you create and maintain financial slack
Get a personalized list of resources based on your financial needs

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Building Slack

Credit Human is committed to helping our community by providing resources for less financial stress.

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Explore ways to build your financial slack in the areas of plan, save, spend and borrow below.




Planning ahead and getting insured are key factors in creating and maintaining financial slack.






Having a sufficient liquid savings and a long-term savings helps us weather unexpected events and reach our goals.





Paying bills on time and spending less than you earn are the foundation for creating financial slack.





Building credit and managing debt ensure our ability to create and maintain financial slack.



*Financial Health Network, US Financial Health Pulse 2020 Trends Report