How do I order new checks?

We offer a quick and simple online ordering process through our supplier, Harland Clarke. It's as simple as ordering them in person or over the phone.  Order checks online at your convenience or call Harland Clarke toll-free at 1.800.275.1053 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

How do I choose a checking account?

We have a range of checking account options tailored to the needs of our members. There are no-fee accounts and accounts with no minimum balances. There are also accounts that earn dividends, or may have balance or other requirements. Please explore our Checking & Savings to see all of the options, or talk to our Member Service Center at (210) 258-1234 or toll free at 800-688-7228.

What are my options for overdraft protection?

Credit Human provides a number convenient options.  Learn more about your overdraft protection options.

When I deposit checks, how long until the funds are available to me?

Check our full funds availability policy (PDF) for details.

What's the difference between my balance and available balance?

Items may be held against your balance for a number of reasons. Learn more about pending items and the difference between your current balance and your available balance.

How do I set up automatic transfers between my accounts?

Log into Online Banking, click the Transfer icon transfer icon, choose transfer type “Recurring” and fill out the fields to designate the accounts and frequency of the automatic transfers. Recurring transfers can be modified or canceled at any time in the Transfers page within Online Banking.

To set up automatic tranfers from a non-Credit Human account contact that financial institution.