Overdraft Protection Options

Option Cost Covers
Overdraft Transfer from Shares
Transfer funds from your share account to cover overdrafts from your checking by linking your accounts.
$3 per item fee Checks, ACH debits, debit card transactions
Uncollected Funds
Coverage applied with pending credits through check deposits or ACH.
$25 per item paid against Uncollected Funds Checks, ACH, automatic bill payments
Line of Credit
A personal loan account linked to your checking account to cover overdrafts.  LEARN MORE
A low 3% monthly payment or a minimum payment of $10 (whichever is greater) All debit and checking transactions
Courtesy Pay
For those without a linked share account or line of credit, Credit Human will provide up to $300 of protection against unexpected overdrafts.
$25 per item handling fee All debit and checking transactions
To learn more about your options or to sign up visit any Credit Human location or call our Member Service Center at (210) 258-1234 or 1-800-688-7228.

How Courtesy Pay Works

Courtesy Pay is designed to help members when other alternatives have been exhausted. It is always best for you to transfer funds to your checking account from your share account or Line of Credit if you anticipate needing these funds. Courtesy Pay is additional protection provided at the discretion of Credit Human.
  • Overdrafts should not be used to pay ordinary or routine expense and you should not rely on overdrafts as a means to cover these expenses.  Avoid using Courtesy Pay as a short term loan.
  • For qualified members, this service is a benefit of your Credit Human checking account and can provide up to $300 of overdraft protection.
  • Use of the $300 limit will allow items to be paid at the discretion of Credit Human, even if there are insufficient funds in the account. 
  • Courtesy Pay can help reduce your service fees when you make an honest mistake on your account. The payee is not notified that your account is overdrawn and you will avoid the hassles of not being able to write checks to merchants or having to pay additional "Returned Check" fees to the payee.
How Funds Post

Step 1

Transactions are applied to available funds in your checking account.

Step 2

If there is not enough money in checking, transactions are covered by a Line of Credit or transfer of funds from a linked account.

Step 3

If transactions cannot be covered in Step 2 or you do not have a backup account, Credit Human applies pending credits such as checks on hold or ACH.

Step 4

If the overdrawn balance remains, Credit Human will apply Courtesy Pay funds of up to $300 at our discretion (if opted in).

If Credit Human decides to pay a check and/or withdrawal that exceeds the available funds in your checking account, you agree to pay a handling fee of $25 per transaction paid, which will be added to your balance along with the funds advanced by Credit Human to pay the overdraft. You agree to pay the entire negative balance within 44 days from the date you first used Courtesy Pay.  If you are unable to pay the balance in full within 44 days, Credit Human may agree to set you up on an installment plan with up to four substantially equal monthly payments at a 0% interest rate.

Please see Courtesy Pay Disclosures for more information. All other terms and conditions of your account are set forth in our Membership Account Agreement or Credit and Security Agreement.