Your Credit Union. Your Vote.

Each year at our Annual Membership Meeting held in San Antonio, Texas you elect a group of your fellow members with unique expertise and experience to guide your cooperative. These elected members are called “Volunteers” because, as members of the Board of Directors, they volunteer a substantial amount of time in planning and directing your cooperative, without pay.  
Credit Human membership has grown beyond San Antonio, making it challenging for many of you living throughout the world to attend annual meetings to vote.  To extend the reach to all members, we’re excited to offer electronic voting for the first time. This year, no matter where you are located geographically, you may now cast your vote online, over the phone or by paper. 
Our Mission is to help people, especially those who are financially stressed, create and maintain financial slack.  By participating in this election, you —our member— have a voice in the direction Credit Human is heading and a choice in selecting the best directors who share your values and our Mission.  Making elections accessible and inclusive is yet another way we listen and put you first.
The Annual Meeting will be held virtually on Tuesday, December 15 at 6:30 pm CT.  Soon you will receive communication regarding Board of Director elections, the voting process and where to join for the virtual Annual Meeting

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