eMoney Manager

eMoney Manager is a free tool within online and mobile banking that helps you create a plan for financial health.

  • Monitor accounts in one place to get a big picture view of your finances
  • Track spending in specific categories and identify ways to save
  • View income and bills in a calendar to manage monthly cash flow
  • Set savings goals for major purchases and track progress

Planning works

Those who have a planned saving habit are four times more likely to be financially healthy than those who do not.* An ability to save and plan for purchases and unforeseen events is the key to financial health at any income level or stage of life.

Manage Day-to-Day Finances
  • Track spending in major categories that fluctuate each month such as groceries, dining out, transportation and clothing
  • Create email or text alerts for when spending surpasses goals you set for yourself
  • Modify your behavior to avoid coming up short at the end of the month
Prepare For Ups and Downs
  • Set savings goals that empower you to set aside money on a regular basis
  • Pay down debt, build a savings cushion or prepare for big purchases such as a vacation or a house
  • Set alerts to help hold yourself accountable and stick with your plan
Think Long Term
  • Securely add outside checking and savings accounts as well as your credit cards, loans and investment vehicles
  • View the difference between assets (savings, investments and property) and debt (loans, credit cards) so you can focus on improving your financial health in two, five or ten years down the road
Learn more about how to set up your eMoney Manager account.


*CFSI, Center for Financial Services Innovation, Understanding and Improving Consumer Financial Health in America

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