Introducing Debit Card Round Up

    Building Slack Has Never Been Easier

    Picture this: You don’t have to think about saving money, it just happens automatically. You check your savings account and see there’s new deposits helping you build slack. That’s how Debit Card Round Up works!
    Automatically round up your everyday debit card purchases to the nearest dollar, and deposit that amount into your savings account with Credit Human’s new checking account feature, Debit Card Round Up.

    Every Cent Counts

    Buying groceries? Building slack. Getting gas? Building slack.

    Enroll Today

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    Round Up won’t overdraw your checking account. If your checking account has enough funds to round up, it will. If it doesn’t, it won’t. Enroll today by logging into digital banking or visit your nearest Financial Health Center. You can also give us a call to enroll over the phone.

    Enroll in Debit Card Round Up from your checking account page inside Digital Banking. 

    There are two ways to enroll:

    Option 1

    1. Click on "Round Up" button located on the top right corner of your account tab.



    Option 2

    1. Click on the “More” button located at the top right corner of the page.


    2. Click on the “Details” tab underneath your account balance, then select Round Up.


    The Debit Card Roundup Program allows eligible members to effortlessly save money by rounding up their debit card transactions to the nearest whole dollar. The excess amount is transferred to a designated savings account. To participate, you must have an eligible checking account with Credit Human Federal Credit Union.

    Terms & Conditions

    By enrolling in this program, you accept the terms outlined herein. You must have an eligible personal checking account along with a debit card. At the end of each day, the aggregate total of your eligible debit card transactions will be processed. Each transaction processed using your Credit Human Debit Card (excluding ATM transactions) associated with the enrolled checking account qualifies. Each point of sale (POS) and signature-based transactions will be rounded up to the nearest dollar and the total amount rounded up for each day will be automatically transferred to the share account associated with your checking account. We won’t make a transfer if there are not enough funds in your checking account. Round ups will be funded via a transfer from the checking account associated with your debit card to your share account. For a transaction to round up, the checking account balance must be sufficient to process the transaction and the transaction amount must not be a whole dollar amount. A round-up will not occur if the account balance is zero, negative or becomes zero after the round-up transaction. Enrollment can be done via our digital banking platform, at any Credit Human location, or through our Member Service Center. We may cancel or modify the Round Program at any time without notice. The Round Up Program is only available for personal checking accounts.