Service Fees


Monthly Service Fee FREE  
Withdrawals - Four withdrawals/transfers per monthly cycle No Fee  
Withdrawals - Charge per each withdrawal/transfer from, over 4 (Non-Minor Account) $2  
Under age 18 (Minor Account) charge per withdrawal over 4 No Fee  
Maintain a minimum daily balance of $1,500 or more within a monthly cycle and you pay no withdrawal fees.
NOTE: Federal Regulations impose some transaction limitations; please refer to the Truth-In-Savings disclosure for details.


Free Checking FREE  
My Generation Checking FREE  
50 Gold Checking*
For members age 50 or better. Individual accounts only.

Extra Value Checking Plus*  (Not available after 1/31/2017)
Regular monthly service fee:
If you have direct deposit:


Extra Value Checking*  (Not available after 1/31/2017)
Regular monthly service fee:
If you have direct deposit:


Gateway Checking*  (Not available after 1/31/2017)
Monthly service fee if balance falls below $2,500 as an average during the monthly cycle:


The Works® Checking**  (Not available after 1/31/2017)
If balance falls below $500 any day during
the monthly cycle

*Not available for Business Accounts.  **Includes Individual and Business Accounts.
Credit Human members may qualify for The Works® Checking with no monthly service fee in three ways:
  1. Maintain a minimum daily balance within a monthly cycle of $500 or more;
  2. a combined minimum daily balance within a monthly cycle of  $1,500 or more in Share Savings and Checking accounts;*
  3. maintain a $5,000 Share Certificate.***
***Share Savings and Share Certificate must have the same member number as your checking account.  IRA Share Certificates are ineligible.


Monthly Service Fee*
If balance falls below $1,000 any day
during the monthly cycle

Maintain a minimum daily balance of $1,000 or more within a monthly cycle and you pay no monthly fee.
NOTE: Federal Regulations impose some transaction limitations; please refer to the Truth-In-Savings disclosure for details.
*Not available for Business Accounts.


Online Banking FREE  
Credit Human Mobile App FREE  
GoDepositTM, the remote deposit feature of GO and Online Banking FREE  
SendMoney FREE  
Online Statements and Notices FREE  
Electronic Proof of Payment FREE  
Bill Pay:

Monthly Service Fee
Copy of Bill Payment Check
Stop Payment of Bill Payment Check
Manual Payment Re-Issue
Returned/Refunded Items Fee
Express Mail (per item)
Payment Investigation Fee




Transfer payment from Share Savings or Checking to make a loan payment
(Make payments to Visa®, Mastercard®, Line of Credit, Installment Loan, or Home Loan.)

Skip Pay

Qualifying members can request Skip Pay free via online banking.



Fax Fee $5  
Amortization Schedule $15  
Copy of Survey $25  
Subordination Document Fee $50  
Collateral Administrative Fee $50  
Large Principal Reduction Modification Fee $50  
Returned Check Charge (ACH/check payments) $25  


Balance Inquiry $1  
Deposit Inquiry $1  
Transaction Inquiry* (Includes Debit/ATM transactions) $1  
Dividend Inquiry $1  
Verification of ACH/Direct Deposit $1  
Account Transfers $2  
*Example: Checks Cleared or Specific Check Inquiry
Account Inquiry and Account Transfer fees apply to inquiries/transfers through branch employees or through the Member Service Center.
For FREE Account Inquiries and Transfers, use Credit Human Online Banking, use the Credit Human GO mobile app, visit a Credit Human ATM or call PhoneLink®.


ACH Telephone Payment Request $15  
Account Closed Within 90 Days of Opening $20  
Account Reconciliation $15 per hour  
Account Reinstatement $10  
Account Transaction Printout $2  
Check Issued By Phone (Member Service Center/PhoneLink) $2  
Check/ACH Paid Against Uncollected Funds $25 per item  
Continuous Overdraft Fee* $25  
Courtesy Pay Handling Fee (per item)** $25  
Debit/ATM Card Replacement Fee $5  
Debit Card Rush Order Fee $5  
Debit Card Rush Mail Service Fee $20  
Debit Card PIN Rush Mail Fee $20  
Inactive Account Fee (After 18 mos inactivity) $5 per month  
Non Sufficient Funds Fee $25 per item  
Share Savings/Money Market Transfer to Checking/Money Market to Cover Non Sufficient Funds (Activation of service required.)  $3 per item  
Photocopies (Account Information)
Check/Statement Copies
Rush Copy of Check/Statement

Research $20 per hour  
Returned Deposit Item $5  
Stop Payment Order $22 per item  
Temporary Checks (Book of 8) $2  
Verification of Deposit (Written) $10  
*On the 18th day a share or checking account remains overdrawn, a one-time fee of $25 will be imposed, in addition to any/all other fees that may have been assessed.
**Fees are applied against amount available for Courtesy Pay.


Credit Human ATM Card at Credit Human ATM FREE  
Any ATM with My Generation checking* FREE  
Non-Credit Human-owned ATM** $1  
*ATM fees will be waived for My Generation checking account holders for up to $25 per statement cycle as long as account requirements are met for that cycle.  Please see the Truth-In-Savings Disclosure for account requirements.
**Members may use Non-Credit Human-Owned ATMs in the Greater Houston Area, at no charge from Credit Human. ATM owners may assess a fee for use of their ATMs.


Size of Box Annual Rental Fee  
3 X 5 X 22
5 X 5 X 22*
3 X 10 X 22
5 X 10 X 22
6 X 10 X 22
10 X 10 X 22
15 X 10 X 22*
23 X 15 X 22*
46 X 15 X 22*
Safe Deposit Box Fees
Drilling Charge Due to Lost Key(s)
Key Deposit**

*Available at the Main Branch Only.  **Refundable when box is closed and two keys are surrendered.  
Receive a 15% discount on Credit Human safe deposit box rental fees with an Extra Value Checking Plus account or be a member of the 50 Gold Club. (Discount based on availability.) 
Safe deposit boxes are available at select Credit Human branches.


Cashier’s Check
Money Orders
Receive 10 Cashier’s Checks and 10 Money Orders FREE each month with an Extra Value Checking Plus Account.
Check Cashing (Non-Credit Human checks)
With four or more services at Credit Human
or $500 in combined deposits/ loans*
If none of the above criteria applies and
your age is 18 or greater
Non-Members (on-us Credit Human checks)

1%  of amount or $10 (whichever is greater)

Coin Counting Machines
Coin Rolls   10 cents per roll  
Check Order Re-route Fee (When undeliverable as addressed.)   $3  
Currency Straps   25 cents per item  
Collection Items: (Incoming, Outgoing)
$10 + processing fees
$25 + processing fees
Fax Charge   $5  
Gift Cheques (American Express)   $2.50  
Letter Verification   $5 plus  research fees  
Letter Verification (Rush)   $10 plus applicable research fees  
Lock Bag Purchase   $15.50  
Medallion Signature Guarantee Service**   FREE  
Notary Service   FREE  
Official Checks (Must be $500 or more)   FREE  
Photocopies   $1 per page  
Signature Verification   $5  
Travelers Cheques
Cheques for Two
  2% (of amount)
2 ½% (of amount)
Zipper Bag Purchase   $3  
*Members with Commercial accounts or Commercial-like coin transactions will be charged a 2% transaction fee.  **Available at the Main Branch and Fallbrook Branch (Houston)


Western Union Transfers $5 plus processing fees  
Wire Transfers
Outgoing (before 2 p.m.CST*) 
Outgoing (after 2 p.m. CST**) 
Incoming (up to 3 transfers)
Incoming (4 or more transfers per month)

$3 each
$15 + processing fee
Money transfer services are for Credit Human members only.
*Central Standard Time
**Credit Human members are advised to contact the receiving institution to confirm when monies that are wired after 2 p.m. CST will be posted to the receiving account.


Every account held at Credit Human has maintenance cost, whether the account is utilized or not.  Credit Human will assess a $5.00 per month fee for inactive accounts.
Inactive accounts are defined as:
  • A Share Savings Account which is the only account type associated under a single member number; and
  • A Share Savings Account with the primary owner 18 years of age or older; and
  • A Share Savings Account with a balance less than $250.00; and
  • A Share Savings Account in which no member-initiated transaction has occurred for a consecutive 18-month period.
 A 60-day notice will be sent (to the last known address) at the 16th month of inactivity.  To prevent the initiation of the $5.00 per month fee, inactive account owners receiving the notice must conduct a transaction (which affects the account balance) prior to the 18th month of inactivity.
This policy does not affect Minor Accounts where the primary account owner is under 18 years of age.


Credit Human FREE Checking Accounts, (also includes My Generation and Spurs Checking*) without member-initiated transactions, for a period of 18 months are considered inactive.  Credit Human reserves the right to close the FREE Checking Account and transfer the funds to the Share Savings Account (under the same member number).  All subsequent Inactive Account procedures will follow the processes listed above for Inactive Share Savings Accounts.

*Only available in San Antonio