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The 2021 Credit Human Annual Meeting will be held Tuesday, September 28, 2021 at 6:30pm CT at Tri-Point Event Center located at 3233 N. St. Mary’s Street, San Antonio, TX 78212.  We encourage all members to join us for a review of the past year and a glimpse into the future. It’s also an opportunity to meet and mingle with the volunteer Board of Directors who represent you in the governance of our Credit Union.  Door prizes and refreshments will be provided.  Seating is limited, please RSVP to or call 210-258-1007.

Board of Director nomination and election process
There are three (3) Board of Director positions available and each position is for a three-(3) year term. As required by regulation, your Credit Human Board of Directors has appointed a Nominating Committee, made up of current Volunteers, charged with recruiting the best qualified candidates to represent the membership. The Nominating Committee has interviewed and vetted candidates considered to have the desired values, skills, experience and availability to serve as Directors and are hereby nominating the following candidates to fill the three (3) open Board of Director positions:
Fred Hines Member since 2014  
Served on the Board of Directors since 2015 and elected Chairman of the Board in 2019. Prior to that, he served as Vice Chairman of the Board from 2018 - 2019. Holds an MBA from Creighton University and a BSG from University of Nebraska-Omaha.  Retired from Clarity Child Guidance Center in 2019 after 20+ years in the non-profit world. Well-known and respected as a visionary leader, Fred demonstrates exceptional people skills and the ability to see beyond the obvious.

G. Esther Cruz Member since 2006  
Serves on the Supervisory Committee, was once an Associate Director, and has chaired the Governance Committee.  Holds a BA in Business Administration from the University of Houston and a JD from South Texas College of Law. With 35+ years of legal experience, she maintains a private Civil Law practice. With her discerning nature, Esther listens intently to understand clearly before offering an opinion. Her Credit Human volunteer service has been invaluable.

Larry L. Roberson Member since 2008  
Served on the Board of Directors since 2015, the Supervisory Committee from 2009 - 2015, the Mission Task Force, and chaired the Governance Committee.  Holds a BA in Political Science from Lamar University and a JD from St. Mary’s University College of Law. With 16+ years of diverse legal engagement, he currently serves as the Bexar County District Attorney’s Civil Section Chief. Indicative of Larry's concern for those in need, he also devotes time to several community service endeavors.
Additional nominating opportunities
Any member in good standing, age 18 or older who has not been convicted of a crime involving dishonesty or breach of trust, is eligible to be considered for election to the Board of Directors. Per Credit Human Bylaws, the candidate should provide what is called a Nomination by Petition that must be signed by at least 500 members, or one percent of the membership (approximately 2,500 members), whichever is less.  If you would like to nominate yourself or another individual for one of the director positions, submit a Nomination by Petition packet to include:
  • The Credit Human account number of each member who signs the petition;
  • A signed statement by the nominee stating s/he is agreeable to nomination and, if elected, will serve;
  • A brief statement of the nominee’s qualifications; and
  • Nominee’s biographical data.
Nominations must be received no later than 5:00pm Central time on July 9, 2021.

Ways to vote
An election will be held if there are more nominees than available Board of Director positions.  Should there be an election, a ballot will be sent to each credit union member on or before August 27, 2021.  No matter where you are geographically located, you may cast your vote online, over the phone, or by paper.  Voting begins on August 27, 2021 at 12:00 am and ends at 11:59 pm CT on September 23, 2021.

In the event there are no nominees submitted by petition, the three (3) candidates interviewed, vetted and selected by the Nominating Committee will be elected by general consent. Election results will be announced at the Annual Meeting and no further nominations will be accepted from the floor at that time. 

Additional opportunities to participate
If you are interested in volunteering to provide governance and leadership to further our Mission of helping people, especially those who are financially stressed to create and maintain financial slack, there may be additional opportunities to serve on committees and task forces, and serve as an Associate Director to learn more about our governance structure and what it means to be a Credit Human Volunteer.  We are looking for members who are passionate about our Mission and willing to volunteer roughly 10 – 20 hours a month preparing for, attending meetings and planning sessions, and participating in the continued development and growth of our governing bodies.  If you have a desire to contribute your expertise, see the Contacts section below to learn more and apply to be an Associate Director.

For Nomination by Petition packet, guidelines, general interest in joining our Volunteer cadre as an Associate Director, or other inquiries, please contact Arleen Villapadierna at 210-258-1384 or send an email to

Thank you for being a member of Credit Human.

Blaise Bender - Secretary, Board of Directors

Blaise Bender
Secretary, Board of Directors