Build your financial slack.

If you're feeling financial stress, you're not alone. 167 million Americans feel the same way. We're here to help change all that.

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More slack equals less stress.
When you subtract life's expenses from the money you make, what's left over is your financial slack. Having enough slack means you can pay for unexpected expenses and enjoy life without the constant stress.

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Assess your financial slack

Take our quiz to see how you are doing with your money and learn the best way for you to build slack right now. You'll also see other areas of opportunity.

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Make a spending plan

Wondering if you have enough financial slack? Use our worksheet to map where your money goes each month and see the slack you have today.

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Visit our Financial Health Centers

We approach everyone's situation individually. We give our members a place to better understand their needs and goals.

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Ready to build financial slack?

Explore ways to build your financial slack in the areas of spend, save, plan and borrow.


Paying bills on time and spending less than you earn are the foundation for creating financial slack.



Having a sufficient liquid savings and a long-term savings helps us weather unexpected events and reach our goals.



Planning ahead and getting insured are key factors in creating and maintaining financial slack.



Building credit and managing debt ensure our ability to create and maintain financial slack.


More ways to learn about financial health.

Free credit counseling for you.

Through our partnership with GreenPath Financial Wellness, you have access to confidential debt and credit management, homeownership education and foreclosure prevention.

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Call GreenPath toll-free at 877-337-3399

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Financial planning calculators.

Thinking about how much to save for long-term goals like retirement or college? How to start investing, prepare for an expense, handle job changes, or make the most of an inheritance? Our calculators can help.

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Know your credit score.

Chat with Coach Lea. She can give you your credit score and a personalized plan to strengthen your credit.

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Knowledge and skills to create and maintain financial slack.

Healthy Financial Habits
Mindful Living
Family Conversations About Money
Identity Protection
Preventing Elder Fraud & Abuse

Answer a few key questions about your current financial status and future goals. You'll get a personalized list of resources based on your financial needs.

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