Financial Health Tools

With financial health tools built into your mobile and online banking experience, you have access to features designed to help you manage your financial health.

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Financial Health Snapshot

You can get regular snapshots of your financial health to ensure your financial life is on track. Financial Health Snapshot assesses your planning, saving, spending, borrowing and credit score to share an overview of your financial wellbeing based on the financial institution accounts you’ve connected. As you learn from the tips and suggestions offered and make decisions that improve your financial health, your snapshot is dynamically updated.


Connect a Financial Institution

By connecting your accounts from another financial institution, you can see all your accounts in a single consolidated dashboard. The external account transactions are then used in the financial health tools so you can see a complete financial picture.


Spending Analysis

Your transactions are automatically categorized to accurately organize your spending. You can further refine your Spending Analysis by adjusting categories and editing transaction names. The resulting analysis is displayed in a graphical format for easy consumption and the application will provide trending analysis comparing the displayed time span with the previous period.


Spending Forecast

A machine learning model automatically calculates your forecasted spending and income obligations dynamically. It will also provide an ongoing projected balance so you know how much money you will have in the future. The application provides updates directly to your dashboard so you can adjust your spending based on how much money you will have available.


Transaction Detail Enrichment

Your transactions are enriched with better merchant identification and categorization. You will be able to edit these transactions by changing transaction names and categories.