Credit Human is dedicated to not only improving the financial lives of members and their families, but also the communities we serve.

Exploring Innovative New Ways To Serve Our Members

The world around us is changing, and the needs of our members are changing along with it.  That’s why Credit Human is exploring new ways to serve our members in the community, including experimenting with a different approach to establishing new locations.  

Southtown Financial Health Center

One of the first examples of this experimentation is our approach to new locations.  Unlike most institutions that base their decisions on profitability, we first want to understand what the community needs and how we might help.  We began by exploring the needs of Southtown, a diverse area located just south of downtown San Antonio that has been largely ignored by other financial institutions.

We invited community residents to a series of open planning meetings to better understand their needs and determine how we might be able to make a positive contribution to the community.   As a result of those meetings the first Credit Human Financial Health Center is now open at 812 S Alamo St in San Antonio.

Credit Human Financial Health Centers will be a different experience for members than our traditional branch locations, but regardless of the location our focus remains on being there for our members, whatever their needs may be.  Expect additional Financial Health Centers to open in the coming months as we bring this fresh approach to serving members to other communities. 

Why Credit Human?

As a not-for-profit financial cooperative with a national presence, Credit Human is driven by people and purpose, above profit. Participation in our credit union has a direct, meaningful impact on our members’ local communities and their fellow members alike. In the spirit of cooperation, we bring borrowers and savers together to help each other.


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