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    Financial Resources Worth Saving

    2 minutes
    Bookmark these resources and tools to make planning your finances more manageable

    Whether you’re just starting to work on your finances or reevaluating your current spending plan, convenient access to reliable financial resources can make all the difference in your financial planning experience. Bookmark this page or send it to a friend to reference when financial planning.

    Spending plan.  A well-thought-out spending plan is the cornerstone of financial stability. Our spending plan handles the calculations for you, just fill in the blanks.

    Digital financial management tools. Credit Human members have unlimited access to financial management tools designed to help you plan and track your money, and enable you to reach your goals faster. Learn more about each one of these tools and log into digital banking to start using them.

    Financial health conversations. Whether it’s debt-repayment, refinancing your home or planning your next vacation, our experienced team can discuss your options and help guide you through your next you to reach those financial goals. You can make an appointment or walk into a Financial Health Center at any time to have a conversation.

    Credit counseling. Through our partnership with GreenPath Financial Wellness, Credit Human members have free access to confidential debt and credit management, homeownership education and foreclosure prevention.

    Financial knowledge. We regularly share financial health content with insights and tips to enhance your financial knowledge. Browse through our other blogs to find content about all the financial topics you’re interested in.

    Financial calculators. Use financial calculators when working on your spending plan to make informed decisions regarding debt repayment, savings goals and more.

    Financial terms. Understanding financial jargon is crucial for making informed decisions. Use this glossary if you stumble upon a term you’ve never heard before.

    With these valuable tools and resources at your disposal, you're ready to embark on the path to financial well-being. Keep in mind, taking small steps today paves the way for substantial financial accomplishments tomorrow.