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    Online Banking Alerts: Customize Them to Stay in Control

    3 minutes
    Learn which account alerts help you stay on top of your finances and watch how to set them up.

    Account alerts are a feature of mobile and online banking to help you monitor your account activity and stay on top of important information. These alerts can be set up to notify you of various types of activity, such as a large transaction, a low balance or a payment due date. They can be customized to suit your needs and delivered through email, text message or as a push notification, depending on your preference.

    The following alerts are available through Credit Human's mobile and online banking:

    • Balance Alert: Notifies you when the balance of your chosen account(s) either drops below or surpasses a set limit.

    • Balance Summary Alert: Provides updates on the balance of your selected accounts.

    • Security Alert: Alerts you if any suspicious activity is detected on your account(s).

    • Check Cleared Alert: Informs you when all, or specified, checks have cleared the account(s).

    • Loan Due Alert: Reminds you when a loan or card payment is due, with the notice period based on your preference.

    • Login Alert: Alerts you each time someone logs into your digital banking profile.

    • Transaction Alert: Notifies you when predetermined transactions occur.

    Account alerts can be especially helpful in detecting and preventing fraudulent activity, as they can alert you to suspicious transactions and prompt you to act. As a reminder, Credit Human is now using a dedicated 5-digit text number, 56347, to ensure our members can easily identify the text messages we send from mobile and online banking.

    By providing information in real time, Account Alerts help our members stay informed and in control of their finances any time of day, seven days a week. Learn how to set up Account Alerts.