Podcast: Family Lessons about Money

    2 minute read
    Supporting the next generation in their financial wellness journey
    As we work to build and maintain our own financial slack, it is important to think about how we might support the next generation in their financial wellness journey. Our friends at GreenPath have gathered a panel of clients and friends who are inspiring their children to be financially resilient. In this podcast they discuss:
    • Tips for communicating with our kids about money

    • Challenges (and how we might overcome them) when it comes to family finances

    • Resources to share with our family and community
    Listen here: Real Stories Episode 19 – Real Stories Live: Family Lessons About Money

    Just like our partners at GreenPath, Credit Human is here to help you on your journey. Our Member Relationship Specialists can help you and your family build and maintain financial slack now and in the future. Make an appointment or visit one of our Financial Health Centers so we can help you and yours reach your financial goals.