Shred These Documents to Safeguard Your Sensitive Information

    1 minute
    From bank statements to expired IDs, see what documents you should shred to protect your identity and prevent fraud.

    Shredding paperwork with sensitive information is another easy way to keep your identity safe and finances protected. Apart from junk mail and old bills, do you know what other documents in your home you should shred?

    Here’s a list of items to consider shredding when it’s time:

    1. Junk mail
    2. Paid utility bills
    3. Medical prescription labels and related paperwork
    4. Expired IDs
    5. Travel itineraries
    6. Shipping labels
    7. Resumes and CVs
    8. Bank statements
    9. Canceled checks
    10. Tax documents older than 7 years
    11. Paystubs
    12. Credit card statements and receipts
    13. Expired warranties and insurance policies
      (only if you no longer have the warranty or insurance)

    Credit Human’s annual Shred Day is on April 20
    at the Vance Jackson location from 8 am – 12 pm.

    For personalized financial guidance, visit your nearest Financial Health Center.