Webinar – Navigating Medical Expenses

    1 minute
    Everything you need to know about managing medical expenses and debt

    The intersection of health and finances has become an all-too-common roadblock, often leaving people with the stress of medical expenses. From unexpected emergencies to chronic conditions requiring ongoing care, medical debt has the power to alter lives, derail our plans and exacerbate existing financial hardships.

    Watch as our friends at Greenpath share valuable insights to help us learn how to proactively prepare for medical expenses and mitigate long-term impact.

    What You Will Learn:

    • How to be proactive in minimizing out of pocket medical expenses
    • How to manage medical costs
    • Your rights regarding medical billing and collections

    Who Should Attend?

    • Anyone dealing with medical debt
    • Anyone who anticipates having medical expenses
    • Caregivers for individuals with medical needs

    Like our partners at GreenPath, Credit Human is here to help. We know how devastating medical expenses can be to our finances. Visit one of our Financial Healthcare Centers for personalized guidance in navigating medical expenses or other financial needs.