Webinar: Preparing Your Finances for Back to School

    2 minutes
    Stress less this back-to-school season

    It’s no secret that prices are up, and school supplies are no exception. With the new school year starting soon, families are preparing for back-to-school shopping with the goal of saving money in any way they can. Our friends at Greenpath share tips and strategies to manage some of the costs associated with heading back to school.

    Who Should Attend?

    • Any parent of a child attending Pre-K through 12th Grade.
    • Any student or parent of a college-bound student.
    • Anyone supporting or advising families of school-age or college-bound students.
    What You Will Learn:
    • Tips to get value from every dollar spent.
    • Ideas to reduce educational costs.
    • Strategies to keep the cost of college down.