Webinar: Your Saving Strategy for (Un)Expected Expenses

    2 minute read
    How sinking funds help us save
    It’s never enjoyable when unexpected expenses pop-up in our day-to-day financial situation. What if we can turn unexpected expenses into expected expenses and remove some stress from these situations? Our friends at GreenPath discuss the concept of sinking funds and how you can structure your savings to prepare for the unexpected.

    In this webinar, you’ll learn:

    • The strategy of using sinking funds for unexpected expenses
    • The types of expenses you should save for using sinking funds
    • How to structure your saving plan to use sinking funds

    Just like our partners at GreenPath, Credit Human is here to help you on your journey. Our Member Relationship Specialists can help you and your family build and maintain financial slack now and in the future. Make an appointment or visit one of our Financial Health Centers so we can help you and yours reach your financial goals.