A New Approach

    Unlike most institutions that base their decisions on the profitability of a location, we first want to understand the unique needs of the community. We involve residents in the early stages of planning so we’re able to gain insight about what our members and potential members need from a financial institution. Are the services that people want or need available to them? What is lacking from their financial support system? How can we have a positive impact on their daily lives? We aim to answer these questions and more through one-on-one interactions with members of the community.

    After the Financial Health Center doors open, interactions with the community become richer as we walk around the neighborhood getting to know local business owners and residents and even participating in the community’s events. 


    A Different Experience

    Visiting a Financial Health Center is a different experience than a typical branch visit. We’re finding ways to streamline day-to-day transactions by utilizing Interactive Teller Machines (ITMs). This allows our team to be able to spend more time with our members learning about their financial realities and discussing new ways to keep them on a sound financial footing.

    We’re already starting to hear stories from members about how we’re making a difference in their lives. Take Nelson for example, a college graduate who recently accepted a civil service job as a chemist and relocated to San Antonio. He wanted to join a local credit union to take advantage of low-cost fees. We discussed a savings plan and setting up an automatic transfer to his savings account once his direct deposit starts.
    Nelson was concerned that he did not have enough money for the move-in costs of an apartment.  Although we discussed other options, in his mind, his only option was to apply for a loan.  A loan application was entered and the loan was declined.
    The team at the Financial Health Center contacted an agent from a local apartment locator service.  Nelson was offered a move-in special that he could afford and found an apartment five minutes from his new job.  Nelson was very appreciative of our guidance and expressed that he had never received such service at a financial institution.
    Nelson didn’t really need a loan, but he did need some help. By really listening to his story and understanding his situation we were able help him get on the right track. Schedule an appointment with the Credit Human Financial Health Center to see how we can help you.

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