How we protect members

    Learn about the security features and practices we use to keep your accounts and transactions safe.

    Digital Banking Features

    Multi-Factor Authentication

    Credit Human Digital Banking strengthens the digital security of your accounts by offering multi-factor authentication and biometric security (Face/Touch ID).

    Account Alerts

    Sign up for Account Alerts in Credit Human digital banking to help you stay informed about your account activity. These real-time alerts let you know when a withdrawal is made and more. They can be instrumental in detecting fraudulent activity by alerting you to suspicious transactions and prompting immediate action.

    Card Controls

    Lock a lost or stolen card with ease with your account in digital banking. If you are unable to access your online account, contact us immediately at 1-800-688-7228 or find a location for assistance

    Credit Score

    Access your full credit report for free. Get credit monitoring alerts, learn ways to improve your score to build financial slack or simulate your score for balance transfers, new lines of credit and more.

    Privacy and Disclosures

    Federal law also requires us to tell you how we collect, share and protect your personal information. Read our Privacy Policy to carefully understand what we do.

    Find us in the app store.

    Download the Credit Human mobile app to take advantage of additional security features.

    Fraud and Security Education

    Find educational content about safeguarding your accounts and sensitive information on our blog and social media accounts.

    Card Protections

    Mastercard® Guidelines Enforced

    Credit Human collaborates with Mastercard® to establish guidelines and security measures for debit and credit card transactions. These guidelines, informed by recent fraud trends, are designed to prevent further fraudulent activity and ensure you are promptly alerted to any suspicious activity on your debit or credit card.

    Identity Protection Service

    In partnership with Mastercard®, Credit Human offers a complimentary Identity Protection Service to all Credit Human cardholders. This service monitors for compromised PII. More information can be found on the Mastercard website.

    Report Fraud

    Submit a fraud claim or dispute an authorized transaction.
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    How to protect yourself

    Fraud education and resources
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    Fraud FAQs

    Commonly asked fraud questions
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