If you’re feeling financial stress, you’re not alone.
57% of American adults are feeling the same way.*
That’s 138 million Americans. We're here to help.

What is financial slack?

Financial slack is your income minus expenses — which accumulates into savings.  If you have enough slack you can handle paying for unexpected expenses and enjoy life without the constant stress of money that affects so many of us.  Building financial slack reduces your financial stress and improves your financial health.

Do I need more financial slack?

Below are areas where many of us are experiencing financial stress.
Select the area where you want to start building slack right now:
  Work on day-to-day financial management
• I live paycheck-to-paycheck.
• I am juggling bills.
  Build more resilience to weather the ups and downs
• I do not have at least 3 months of income to live on if I had to.
  Opportunity to achieve long-term financial security
I do not have at least $10,000 in retirement savings.
My debt-to-income ratio is not under 40%.

We have the accounts, tools and expertise to help you on your journey to reduce financial stress so you can worry less about what might happen and enjoy more of what is.

We’re committed to helping you build financial slack to improve your financial health.

Want to get started right away? The most powerful way to establish a saving habit is to not have to think about it. Below are some great ways to help you start building slack — and peace-of-mind.

Maximum flexibility

Share Savings
The perfect way to start saving with as little as $5.  Earn dividends and enjoy the freedom to access your account as needed.
Money Market
Increase your slack with an account that rewards saving with higher dividends as your balance grows, plus have peace-of-mind knowing you can still access your money when you need it with up to six free withdrawals per statement cycle.
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Set it and forget it with direct deposit from your paycheck or an automatic transfer from your primary account to put away a small amount on a regular basis.

Highest rates

Share Certificate
Share certificates are the ultimate in set-it-and-forget-it savings. You can lock in our highest rates on terms from 6 months all the way to 10 years.
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Liquid Share Certificate
Earn competitive rates similar to a traditional share certificate with the added flexibility of unlimited deposits and two withdrawals during a one-year period.
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Building financial slack requires planning.

It’s not the actual plan that is important. It’s about the act of planning, monitoring and adjusting as we go, so that we can increase our slack and decrease financial stress. Below are some experts, along with some tools, that can assist you with your financial plan.

Spending Tools

We have online spending tools available for all our members through online and mobile banking. These tools help you manage your checking, savings and all your other accounts so you can focus on improving your financial health. You can even import accounts from other financial institutions to see all your finances in one place. You can set alerts to help hold yourself accountable and stick with your plan.

Open an account with us today and start planning.

Investment Center

A sound financial plan today is the key to creating opportunities for tomorrow. Credit Human can help you build slack with a customized financial strategy built around your personal goals and circumstances.

Learn More about our Investment Center.

Open a savings account

Open a savings account in online banking.

*CFSI, Center for Financial Services Innovation, Understanding and Improving Consumer Financial Health in America