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    About Us

    Focused on tomorrow since 1935

    Credit Human is a cooperative balancing the needs of responsible savers and borrowers to build stronger communities.

    Board of Directors

    Blaise Bender thumbnail
    Blaise Bender
    Chair, Board of Directors
    Richard Rodriguez thumbnail
    Richard Rodriguez
    Vice Chair, Board of Directors
    Ed Hinojosa thumbnail
    Ed Hinojosa
    Secretary, Board of Directors
    Frank Burk thumbnail
    Frank Burk
    Treasurer, Board of Directors

    Esther Cruz thumbnail
    Esther Cruz
    Member, Board of Directors
    Fred Hines thumbnail
    Fred Hines
    Member, Board of Directors
    Debs McCrary thumbnail
    Debs McCrary
    Member, Board of Directors
    Peter Morales thumbnail
    Peter Morales
    Member, Board of Directors
    Steve Nivin thumbnail
    Steve Nivin
    Member, Board of Directors

    Directors Emeriti

    Ramon Abarca thumbnail
    Ramon Abarca
    Director Emeritus
    Sue Turner thumbnail
    Sue Turner
    Director Emeritus

    Supervisory Committee

    Pat Harper-Pollard thumbnail
    Pat Harper-Pollard
    Chair, Supervisory Committee
    Travis Wiltshire thumbnail
    Travis Wiltshire
    Secretary, Supervisory Committee
    Mike Burnett thumbnail
    Mike Burnett
    Member, Supervisory Committee
    Dan Crowley thumbnail
    Dan Crowley
    Member, Supervisory Committee
    Bill Micale thumbnail
    Bill Micale
    Member, Supervisory Committee

    Associate Directors

    Roosevelt Adams Jr. thumbnail
    Roosevelt Adams Jr.
    Associate Director
    Mike DuBose thumbnail
    Mike DuBose
    Associate Director