3 Ways Families Can Save Money This Spring Break

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    Looking to save some money this spring break? We can help.
    For many families spring break is an opportunity to get away from it all with some old-fashioned fun and adventure. It is a great opportunity, but it can put stress on our finances. The good news is there are many ways you can enjoy this spring break without breaking the bank. Here we share some ways to help you enjoy your time off.
    1. Check your finances
    Before you pack up the kids and the car get a handle on your current financial picture by doing a spending plan. Like a handy GPS app guiding us in our finances, a spending plan can be a great tool to help you navigate your ability to pay for all the important things that keep our daily lives going. This tool quickly illuminates what financial slack you have available to enjoy spring break.
    2. Plan affordable fun
    Make a list of what's important to your family and what you all enjoy most. Is it outdoor adventures, theme parks, history, extreme sports? Note what is on each family member’s wish list for spring break.

    Once everyone agrees on the overall spring break experience, research how realities can align with expectations. What’s the most affordable way to pay for food, travel, lodging? Are there new and/or fun things we can experience if we do a staycation instead?

    3. Cover your bases
    • Use travel sites such as Trip Advisor to get ideas for affordable family fun. Even if you’re staying close to home there may be things you haven’t experienced before.
    • Redeem points on a rewards credit card. Airline and hotel credit cards provide you with a premium for your brand loyalty, which translates to lower costs for airfare, gas and accommodations.

    • If you have the flexibility, consider a last-minute trip. Those last-minute cruises, hotel, lodging, attraction and airfare deals might mean leaving as soon as 24 hours after you lock in the deals, so keep your suitcase packed. Check out LastMinuteTravel.com to see what is being offered in terms of price and destinations.
    Let’s connect
    It can all start with a conversation. Hello, financial slack. Goodbye, financial stress. If you need any support coming up with the best financial plan for your spring break connect with your neighborhood Financial Health Center.
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