5 Affordable Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

5/2/2022 3 minute read

What do you give the woman who has given you so much?

Mother’s Day is a day of celebration when we show our mothers gratitude. It can be difficult to find a gift that shows just how grateful we are, but gratitude is not measured by the amount of money we spend. Yes, bouquets of flowers are nice, but they can also be expensive. If you can’t afford that this year don’t worry. We have you covered.

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Here are 5 affordable Mother’s Day gift ideas that will fill your mom with joy:

Breakfast in bed (any meal really)

Grab your apron and whip up a delicious breakfast for your mom. This could be any meal that you know your mom enjoys. Cooking can be hard work and sometimes life gets so busy that the last thing someone wants to do is stand in the kitchen for an hour to make their favorite dish. “Cooking for others creates and affirms a primary bond. It can therefore be a very fulfilling and meaningful deed,” says Ayelet Barak Nahum, culinary art therapist with a Ph.D. from the Bob Chapell School of Social work at the Tel Aviv University.

Personalized gift basket

Plenty of stores have a dollar section where you can be sure to find a cute basket or bin to put your mom’s favorite treats in. You can even give the basket a theme such as a movie basket or a rainy-day basket. Buy a box of popcorn, candies, beverages, chips and a small throw blanket or crossword puzzle books to top it off. Buying the treats to put in a personalized gift basket is not only cheaper than buying one of those already made baskets but it also ensures you’re not wasting your money on things your mom won’t enjoy.

Homemade photo album
Life happens in a blink of an eye and sometimes we forget all the great things we have lived through with one another. Putting all these memories in a printed or digital photo album is a great gift. You can gather pictures of you and your mother from birthdays, vacations, dinners, holidays, silly moments and more. Be sure to write a special card and let her know how much these moments mean to you.

DIY Spa Day
Who doesn’t like a little bit of pampering? Put on some relaxing music, buy some face masks and mom’s favorite wine. DIY spa days are fun and require little planning. You can start the spa session with a nice Epson salt foot soak in the tub accompanied with a glass of wine of course. When you’re through soaking your feet start a fun face mask and then kick up your feet on the sofa and relax. Use this time to get to know your mom for who she is in this period of her life.

Go on a picnic
Mother’s Day falls in the perfect season for picnicking. Pack a basket with sandwiches and yummy treats your mom loves. Head out to the park and enjoy the day with your mom. This is also a great activity to include any grandchildren and your mom will no doubt want to spend time with them too. Depending on the weather you can grab a few kites from the store or buy supplies to make your own.

"The most treasured gifts are the meaningful moments we create with the people we love. They become priceless memories decorating our lives.”- Dodinsky

Don’t stress this Mother’s Day – make it a memorable one. But if you find yourself having trouble figuring out how you will have money for holidays like this visit one of our Financial Health Centers. We’ll help you make a spending plan so you don’t have to worry when things like this come around.

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