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    All You Need is Love: 5 Date ideas that’ll swoon your Valentine

    3 minute read
    Woo your Boo without Breaking the Bank
    Planning the perfect Valentine’s Day can be tough - especially with how expensive things can get. There’s no reason to break the bank to show someone that you love them. We have 5 ideas that will make your Valentine’s Day perfect!

    Take a Dance Class
    "Do you love me? Do you wanna be my friend? And if you do, well then don't be afraid to take me by the hand…” King George knows there's nothing more romantic than a good ole country song. Every Friday and Saturday night Cowboys Dance Hall here in San Antonio offers free dance lessons starting at 7 pm. You can probably find similar deals wherever you live. A night of dancing is a fun and romantic way to spend Valentine’s weekend with the one you love. “If you want to, I think this is how love goes. Check yes or no."

    Plan a cozy Movie Marathon
    Who says children are the only ones who can build forts? Forts can be cozy and romantic. The best part is you most likely already have the supplies at home. All you have to do is grab some blankets, chairs and start hanging them around the TV. Be sure to pick out a few good movies beforehand so you’re ready to start the date when your person arrives. If you want to add an extra detail, dig through your storage and pull out a strand of Christmas lights for the extra oomph.

    Try Yoga
    Experts say that couples who engage in physical activity together are happier and more emotionally bonded. There’s no need to go run a marathon though unless you really want to. Yoga can be calming and therapeutic. Black Swan Yoga in San Antonio offers beginner, intermediate and advanced classes for the community on a donation basis. So, if you’re looking for an activity that fits in your monthly spending plan then check out similar deals wherever you live and register for a class this weekend before spots fill up.

    Take a Hike
    Hiking with your loved one allows you to unplug and recharge without any distractions. Having this special alone time with your significant other allows you to better connect with one another. Life can get busy and sometimes we need time to just enjoy each other’s presence. Grab your backpack, pack some snacks and set out on one of Texas’ amazing trails.

    Cook Dinner
    There is absolutely no reason to make an expensive dinner reservation for Valentine’s Day. Chances are the restaurant will be packed and noisy. Write a few of your favorite cuisines down and draw one out of a hat. Start the date with a quick trip to the local supermarket picking out the ingredients you’ll need and head home to start the meal. Cooking with someone is fun, yes, but it can also be incredibly intimate. You won’t regret spending a little less money and spending a little more time with the one you love.

    Remember that no matter what you do, your partner is just happy to be spending time with you. No matter where you live, all you have to do is look for places in your area that offer activities that fit in your spending plan and lifestyle.

    Including special occasions in your spending plan is a great way to make sure you can do the things that bring you joy. Not sure where to start? Stop by one of our Financial Health Centers to talk with us about ways we can help you stress less and enjoy those special occasions with more financial slack.