Avoid Paying Overdraft Fees

    3 minutes
    5 tips to avoid overdraft fees
    An overdraft is an authorized transaction in your checking account in an amount that exceeds your account’s available balance. Sometimes we find ourselves in situations where this is necessary, as do many others. In 2020, American adults reported paying $12.4 billion in overdraft fees. The best way to avoid overdraft fees is to be informed and stay on top of your account activity. Here are five helpful tips to keep in mind.
    • Research and compare checking account features such as minimum balance and monthly transaction requirements, overdraft fee policy and maintenance costs. Set up alerts by email or text that will notify you of a low balance.

    • Consider a checking account with lower overdraft fees or a prepaid card with lower fees. You can also select an alternative like the Sensible Spend Account that only gives you access to the money in your account so you’ll never be charged overdraft fees.

    • Keep track of your checking account and transaction posting order. Track your ATM withdrawals, deposits and debit card transactions including the times you expect them to post in your online banking account or through your financial institution’s mobile app. Don’t forget to account for any automated payments and checks that may not have posted yet.

    • Review your account statements on a regular basis and check for any suspicious activity or unexpected changes.

    • Link your checking account to a savings account for overdraft coverage. When you exceed your checking account balance, your financial institution will pull funds from your savings account to cover the transaction. Although the transfer from the linked account may incur a transfer fee, it is typically less than an overdraft or non-sufficient funds (NSF) fee.

    Our Member Service Representatives are ready to give personalized guidance in your financial journey. Make an appointment at your local Financial Health Center to get started. You can learn more about overdraft fees at Credit Human here.