Celebrating Small Business Saturday

    How shopping small supports your community
    The first Saturday after Thanksgiving is nationally recognized as Small Business Saturday. The purpose of this annual event is to encourage American consumers to support local businesses and communities. Did you know that 67 cents for every one dollar spent at a small business gets invested into the local economy? Here are ways your community thrives when you spend locally.

    Sustains and creates jobs.  Spending money with a small, local business helps pay employee wages, supports local product and material suppliers, and creates jobs.

    Benefits the environment. Businesses in your community often buy their supplies locally, which reduces fuel consumption, habitation loss, pollution and unsustainable packaging unlike products supplied to national retailers. 

    Generates revenue. Sales tax paid to and by small businesses funds projects for our parks, roads, school systems and other community initiatives and programs that can directly impact you and your family.

    Enhances community identity. Small businesses reflect the culture, people and values of their local community. Having been founded by local entrepreneurs and managed by local employees, small businesses become part of the local landscape.

    Our vision to create communities free from financial stress starts with the relationships we cultivate with our community members. We support our local businesses with Financial Health Centers, seminars, financial health tools and encourage our team members to form relationships within our community to learn how we can provide services and products to help our members in their financial health journeys.


    Credit Human is committed to helping our community by providing resources for our members to build and maintain financial slack. Visit a Financial Health Centers and speak with a Member Service Representative today to create a plan that words for you.