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    How Checking Accounts Benefit Us

    1 minutes
    Learn why a checking account is the best place to store the money you use everyday
    There are many Americans that do not have a checking account or bank account of any kind. There can be many reasons for this, but managing our money isn’t always easy and without a checking account it can be even more challenging. Here we share some important benefits of using a checking account to store short-term money you need to use everyday.

    Avoid Fees and Gain Convenience
    With unlimited withdrawals and many free options, a checking account allows you to quickly and conveniently access your funds for everyday needs:
    • Avoid check cashing fees
    • Pay bills quickly and free with bill pay
    • Use your debit card to withdraw cash anytime at an ATM or pay at a store with an option to get cash back
    • Set up direct deposit for your paycheck from your employer and for government payments such as stimulus checks and Social Security to access your funds faster
    Review Spending
    Using a checking account gives you a record of your spending and purchases.  This information is accessible in online and mobile banking as well as in your monthly statement. You can review your spending to determine trends with your expenses. Having this information on hand is helpful when you want to review or establish your spending plan.  Unless you already have a spending plan, or an accurate log of your cash spending, it’s difficult to know precisely how much money is going out each month.  Visit our article on How to Map Out Your Spending Plans to learn more.
    At Credit Human we’re dedicated to offering checking account options to fit your specific needs, helping you build financial slack and stress less. Visit your neighborhood Financial Health Center to discuss your unique needs and we’ll get you started with the right account for you.