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    Starting the Money Conversation at Home

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    Engaging tips and money mentoring webinar to prepare you
    Attitudes about money often begin at home. Children will likely be influenced throughout their lives by what parents teach them – or don’t teach them – about money. Approaching the topic of money may seem daunting for several reasons: Beliefs or traditions, lack of financial literacy or resources, or unhealthy financial habits, but by breaking these cycles and stigmas, and starting age-appropriate financial conversations with your children early on, you will better prepare them for healthy financial futures.

    Before you start the conversation, here are three tips to help you prepare:  

    1. Do your homework. Money conversations can be difficult if you aren’t confident in your financial literacy. Make a list of the topics you want to discuss and familiarize yourself with the points you want your children to understand. Board games and visual aids can be great resources when teaching.

    2. Normalize the conversation. Think of the money talk as a series rather than a movie. It should be ongoing, and each episode should be part of a bigger picture – helping your child understand how to be financially healthy. If you’re comfortable doing so, include your children in personal financial decisions like buying a new car or balancing a checkbook. Keep in mind that your financial decisions may affect them, too. Be thoughtful in the personal information you choose to discuss.

    3. Practice what you preach. The best way to teach your child about financial health is by demonstrating it through your own practices. Create healthy financial habits for yourself that you can pass down to your children.

    Now let’s hear from our friends at Greenpath to learn how to set your child up for a financially healthy future.

    In this webinar, you will learn:
    • Real life examples of money mentorship in action
    • Financial life lessons to share with children
    • Tips to set your child up for a financially healthy future

    Just like our partners at GreenPath, Credit Human is here to help you on your journey. Our Member Relationship Specialists can help you and your family build and maintain financial slack now and in the future. Make an appointment or visit one of our Financial Health Centers so we can help you and yours reach your financial goals.