What is a Financial Health Center?

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    Learn about the purpose driven work of our Financial Health Centers.
    The world keeps changing. For many of us it’s hard to keep pace. Americans of every age and every income level are struggling. More than half the country feels it just cannot catch up.  Many of us crave a more human pace that will allow us to better understand things, to catch up or to get ahead. A place you can go where you’ll get the guidance, and financial tools needed to help deal with uncertainty, build financial slack and eliminate stress.

    So, what is a Financial Health Center?
    Our Financial Health Centers are a place where individuals can get custom financial guidance and advice that will really help them achieve their financial goals. It's a part of the community where you can meet with a financial specialist who is focused on providing options, specific tools and guidance on ways to reduce financial stress and build financial slack.  We believe this is how we can directly impact the lives of friends, families and people in our neighborhoods.

    A Financial Health Center is more than a branch. The financial specialists who work in the Financial Health Centers look to develop relationships and get to know members on a one-on-one basis - seeking to listen and understand where you are, what you need and how best we can support you.

    While you can do anything in a Financial Health Center that you can do in a branch, the focus of a Financial Health Center has become less about the transaction and more about working with our members to build financial slack and eliminate financial stress.

    Financial Health Centers help us focus on what's best for our members.
    A Financial Health Center also supports members with innovative technology for those every day transactions we still need to do, allowing us to serve our members face-to-face but in a remote way. An ITM, which stands for Interactive Teller Machine, is like an ATM machine with a camera relay in it allowing you to talk with our Member Relations Advisors. While the technology may be innovative, what matters most is how we use and leverage this technology in service of our members. First time? Not a technology person? No stress. Visit a Financial Health Center location nearest you for an ITM tutorial. Our financial specialists are always available to help in person during regular lobby hours. Specialists will take the time to work with you to help you understand the technology, so you realize we are here for more than just a transaction.

    By leveraging new technology in our Financial Health Centers, we changed something that went unchanged for many years. That’s the importance of having people behind it. No matter where you are or what you walk up thinking, when using the ITM you get to talk with a person who will help you step by step from beginning to end.


    While so much is changing around us.
    Credit Human remains focused on what’s best for our members. Essential to our mission: helping the people and businesses we serve build and maintain the financial slack you need to avoid the harmful effects of financial stress that too many of us struggle to manage in our day to day lives. We think about it like this – when you improve the lives of the people in the community you improve the community. We believe that is how you make a better world. Starting right here at home in a neighborhood Financial Health Center near you.