Your Accounts Are Safe at Credit Human

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    How we keep your accounts safe every day
    At Credit Human the safety and security of your accounts is our top priority. After all, access to your money is essential to maintaining your financial health. With the news full of global conflicts, including cybersecurity threats, we thought this would be a good time to let you know how we work to protect your accounts every day and remind you what you can do to help keep your money and your information safe and secure.

    Our networks and systems are monitored all day, every day
    We protect our communications and data with next-generation security systems that monitor and control incoming and outgoing network traffic. Our networks and systems are monitored by several leading global cybersecurity organizations and analyzed for threats 24 hours a day.

    We’re prepared to respond to cyberattacks
    We are prepared in the event anything unexpected happens. We partner with organizations that provide best in class preventative security measures and any attempts to attack our networks and systems are met with immediate responses by large teams of security engineers 24 hours a day.

    You can do your part to keep your accounts safe
    Here are some recommendations to help keep your accounts safe and secure:
    • Never use the same password for any of your online accounts, especially email and online banking.
    • Always use passwords that are at least ten characters in length. Using a sentence as a password makes it even more hack-resistant due to the longer length. Plus it can be easier to remember.

    • Always use a passcode on your computer and mobile devices. Ensure it isn’t an easily guessable pattern such as 1234, 0000, or 1122. Choose six to nine-digit passcodes where possible.

    • As always, you should beware of emails and phone calls generated by third parties impersonating Credit Human or any other financial provider. Credit Human will never call you and ask for your login or account information. If there is ever any doubt regarding the legitimacy of a call, email, or text, call them back using a published number from their website.
    If you have concerns or questions about your Credit Human account, please contact us immediately at 800-688-7228. Have your account information and details about the suspicious activity available when you call.

    Thank you for trusting Credit Human. We’re here for you.