ScoreCard Rewards Update

    As a Rewards Mastercard® credit cardholder you earn rewards with every purchase.  Your rewards can be viewed in detail at If you haven't already created an account, simply follow the prompts.

    The rewards program began a transition in March 2018 that caused a posting delay of rewards and transaction details. The transition is now complete, and we would like to thank you for your patience during this time.  There have also been a few changes, and here is what you need to know.

    New Rewards Statement Layout

    Your statement will now reflect your rewards grand total.

    Bonus Point Program

    • You will earn 1 bonus point for every dollar spent on your Rewards Preferred Mastercard or Spurs Rewards Mastercard
    • Bonus points can be redeemed on for merchandise, travel and more
    • Bonus points expire every four years in October
    • Due to the transition, bonus points that would have expired in 2018 will not expire until October 2019
    • In order for points to be combined, cardholders must be owners of the same credit card account
    • Credit and debit card points cannot be combined

    Cash Back Program

    • Cash back is accumulated on an annual basis from October 1 through September 30
    • Cash back is earned in tiers
    • .25% for the first $1,000 spent
    • .50% for the second $1,000 spent
    • .75% for the third $1,000 spent
    • Anything spent in excess of $3,000.00 within the plan year earns 1.00%
    • Cash back is credited to your credit card account in October.

    Joint Cardholders

    • Each cardholder will have a unique credit card number and your rewards will be consolidated as one total
    • Each cardholder on a joint account can log in to using their own log in information
    • If you do not have a log in, visit to create one using your credit card number and following the prompts
    • Cardholders on a joint account will only be able to view their own transaction details on the rewards site

    For additional questions about your rewards contact the Member Service Center at 800-688-7228 or visit any Credit Human location.

    If you have questions regarding redemption items on, you may contact 800-854-0790.